Do you use Google Keep? Do you use these features in Google Keep?

Google Keep

Nowadays, a lot of people who work on smartphones and computers use apps to keep those notes. Previously, notebooks were just a little bit of software, but now note pads can do a lot of work with to-do-list apps. Actually using a notepad, two-to-do list app can make our work a lot easier nowadays. Such apps are very useful for keeping a to-do list, to-do list, and to-do list, especially when you are on the go.

But most people don’t know much about the features of these apps, other than the ability to keep notes and build lists. So we thought, let’s talk about more things you can do with Google Keep, a notepad app that everyone uses.

1. From phone to laptop, from laptop to phone

This isn’t really much to say. Nowadays, most people know of any notepad app, but it is a convenience not to use it. That is Cloud Security. Here’s how. Now we sometimes need to get a note typed on the computer. Then we have to put it on Facebook Messenger, email, or something else on a machine or cell phone in general. But you don’t really have to screw up. After typing the note we want in the Google Keep app or in the browser open Google Key window, Google Cloud will update it in the cloud. If we open the Google Keep app on the phone then we will see that the note is there. The other way around. Very easy.

2. Voice Memo

Most of the time, people use Google Keep to write down something that comes to mind. That’s Quick Quotes. That’s it. But there really is no need to open Google Keep and type what comes to mind. You can also serve as a voice memo, a note that records our voices.

The straightforward way to do this is to have a microphone button in Google Keep that tells you everything. Then our voice is recorded on that note, and he writes down our words. But there is another way. That’s when activating the Google Voice keyboard on our keyboard (which appears when you hold down the space button on most keyboards). Then they type it in a nice note. But this second method does not record the voice.

3. Words in a photo can be captured

Actually translate to Google Keep app, which is not just a voice copy that you can copy. Even if the text and text are written in a photo, Google Keep can capture it. The way to do this is simple. Google Keyboard Note or Import an image. Now select the image and select the Grab image text on the menu. Then the text in the image will appear underneath the image as a note.

4. Draw if you cannot write

Although this is not one that many people use, it is a really useful feature to use. Imagine that we are writing notes on something in Google Play. We might have to wear something to make that note complete. That means a graph, an outline, a thumbnail. There is also an easy-to-use set of Drovin Tools available in Google Play. Don’t think this is Coral Dro. But there is also a toolbox, a color palette, and a color palette that can be used to successfully draw anything, such as an outline, template, or graph.

5. Share notes

Sometimes we even have to keep a record. This means that when you are working with a team or partner, there may be many opportunities for us to edit one another and add something to another. Then we usually send the email we sent or send it to the other person, edit it or add it and review it, and if there is anything we want to do, we will add and send it back. Then he sends us to the other side of the road, doing whatever it takes. But what is it? That’s why we have a Google Collaborator called Collaborator. All we have to do is go to the three dots in the lower right corner of the note and go to the menu and select Collaborator. Then, we have an option to select those who can contribute to this note. It’s not that hard to get there.

6. Notes are colored and labeled

One thing we all really love is that we organize our things in a neat way. There is an alternative to Google Keep provided. The notes we create in Google Keep can either be a drop-down list or tiles. These can be further labeled by us. We can create labels by going to the menu at the top left of Google Keep the main page. Now, when you click on a note and paste the labels on it, it shows us the label underneath the note. Not only that, but we also have space for each note to be colored. One or more important notes can be placed on top.

7. Reminders

Google has a reminder app called Tasks anyway. Besides, Google calendars are easy to place reminders. If not, you can find more apps from the Play Store. But Google Keep also has Reminders. If we spend more time keeping notes in Google Keep, we can easily have a reminder on a note without needing to switch to a separate app. It can sometimes be a reminder to go to the store to buy a list of things that Google made. It can be a reminder to edit a note.

Besides these features, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Drawing, Google Form, and Gmail have a Google Keep Instant Login icon in the side slider. So anything in this file, anything in an email can easily drag & drop and put into a Google Keep note.

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