Types of Home Cooling Solutions

It’s hard to stay indoors when you go home from work. On the one hand, with the tropical climate we live in, the homes are warm. Then you have to remove the clothes and wear a fan from the workroom. There are many ways to get rid of the heat inside us. In countries where the season is intense, consider the ventilation system. Although we didn’t think much of it when we built our homes, the heat we feel at home is only temporary.

1. Window doors

There are two types of air in the house. One is artificial air supply and the other is natural air circulation. Naturally, air vents and openings in the outside air can be used to cool the house. For those who live near the sea, large reservoirs, paddy fields, big roads, etc., the wind is a good way to go. In such a humid environment, the windows open and the air is cooling. But this natural home cooling is not always successful. If the outside air is dusty, very hot, and the smoke comes out of the window, it doesn’t matter. If the dust outside, the dust inside the house is contaminated. On the other hand, in the case of rainy weather, we find it difficult to get natural ventilation through the windows and cool the house.

2. Exos Fan

The bathroom is full of water vapor. The air inside the bathroom is not well circulated or we feel hot while in the bathroom. So is the kitchen. The heat from cooking in the kitchen can be difficult if you don’t leave the kitchen. Special Exos fans are used in such places. You can also get air through the windows, but the air is a bit warm and you can cool the air by installing an Exos Fan at the top of the house. Kitchens and bathrooms have a specially tailored Exos fan. That way we can cool the kitchen or the bathroom just in time.

3. Air Cooler

A gadget that only gets a little cool at work or a special place where we are. Now he has a lot of stores selling electrical home appliances in Sri Lanka. When we visit a waterfall, we can feel the coolness of the falls. This is what makes the air cool through such water and water particles. This system is not suitable for a country like ours where water vapor is high. He says most of the cooler is done in places where the relative humidity is less than the amount of water vapor in the air. Nevertheless, living in flats, air coolers can make the air a little easier through the cooler.

4. Fan

It would have been better if the fan had a way of getting air into space. A fan is a relatively cheap method. And it’s cheaper for the fan. If the fan is placed in the dust, the fan will create an environment where the dust will rotate. When we are approached by a fan, when the heat of the environment is so severe, the wind blows off our body instantly. Even in Sri Lankan office complexes that do not use air conditioners, fans still use it.

5. Air conditioners

Air conditioning is one of the best ways to cool the air. An air conditioner removes air vapor and dust and creates a more comfortable environment. But in our country, when we have split-style air conditioners installed in homes and offices, there is a lack of air in the air. Therefore, it is best to install split air conditioners at least two to three times an hour. Although the air-condition is healthy, in the long-term, some people may develop certain skin diseases and allergies through this artificially cooled air. If you want to air-condition a room, you can save on the electricity bill by reducing the air space and reducing the amount of heat inside.

6. Improve Natural Coolin

If the inside of the house doesn’t get any hotter then we don’t have to spend too much to cool the house. The roof of the house is heated by the sun’s heat, and then the heat flows into the house. To replace it, the old-fashioned tile roof can be used instead of asbestos, metal, and cement. Otherwise, we can replace a thermal insulation layer under the roof. If the house is always on a dirt road, planting a row of trees, such as willows and groves, will minimize dust exposure to the house. If the garden area around the house is spacious enough, planting shade trees that do not damage the structure of the house will naturally cool the air entering our home. Planting trees also helps control the sunlight that falls directly on the roof and walls of our home.

7. Central Ventilation System

HVAC-Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning – Heat, ventilation, and air conditioning is an advanced technology industry in advanced countries. This ventilation in the workplace affects the efficiency of employees. Also, the inside ventilation in the manufacturing industry affects each product. In seasonal countries, the central system is used to facilitate air exchange in the home. It also controls the airflow inside the home, ensuring that the floors, upstairs rooms, corridors, etc. are kept cool at all times. Due to the tropical background of our country, we basically need to cool the house. HVAC needs to be taken into consideration when designing home doors. Otherwise, you will have to spend a lot of money on later air conditioning plans.

There are many air conditioning systems in Sri Lanka. The central AC system in large apartments, hotels, etc saves electricity as well as provides us with cooling. It is also worth checking out how to rent a new house or flat. Otherwise, the room or the other room is cheaper, but we have to spend more on air conditioning. So we hope you have come up with some ideas on natural and artificial ways to make your home cool.

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